UK and USA Market Update

In the attached video, David Paul (the author) shows the technical position of both the UK and USA markets. In the US, the longer-term measures of the trend of the VectorVest Composite (VVCUSA) are Down while the shorter-term measures are Up.

At VectorVest, we believe that there is a good time to be in market and an awful time to be in the stock market. If you are a medium-term trader or a longer-term position trader, the trends on the USA markets are down and that is not a good time to be actively buying shares.

US based position traders should be watching stops carefully, raising cash by lightening positions and generally preparing for the next Buy signal which will come as sure as day follows night. In the opinion of this conservative writer, only short-term traders well experienced in position sizing and risk management should be involved.

In the UK, the situation is much more positive and influenced greatly by the weakness in the pound. If the US markets fall, then sooner or later the UK will follow.

Gold shares are in limbo as the Gold price trades in a range between 1908$ and 1978$. There is a slight possibility that Gold can fall to 1850$, but that is becoming less and less likely in the opinion of the author as time moves along. Traders not exposed to Gold should wait for a break of 1978$ before purchasing Gold shares.

I hope you enjoy the video.

David Paul


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One thought on “UK and USA Market Update

  1. Could not agree more David. Every time “they” try to smack down gold, smart buyers step in and buy the dip. We will never see $1,350 gold again.

    A strong gold price indicates that all is not well with the economy. I believe the Dow:Gold ratio will continue to narrow from 14:1 towards 5:1. If gold hits $22,000 oz as I calculate by 2025, that puts Dow at 110.000! Hyperinflation seems inevitable as a race to the bottom ensues re currency devaluation. All fiat currencies eventually go to their intrinsic value – nil. (Voltaire 1729).

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